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Wifeys World - The Milk Maid

This week I bring back one of my favorite sexual toys - the Milking Table!! This thing is so hot and dirty! First I invite a new "friend" and give him a massage on the table. When i can tell he's aroused I have him flip over and slide his cock and balls down into the hole! then I crawl underneath and start giving him my "special" massage, slowly stroking his hanging balls and stiff cock and seeing him squird around on the table while I pleasure him. I try to edge him as long as I can before eating the cum!


Wifeys World - KidCock Gets Milked

In our latest update one of my favorite "toys" cums back for more fun! This young stud has a huge 9" cock and is one of the biggest cummers I've run into! He's super shy and really cute which is why it's so hot for me to milk that monster dong of his! He asked me if he could try my infamous "milking table" and he could barely contain himself when I dropped under and started stroking and sucking his meat. He almost came immediately so I had to slowly edge him to a monster cum eating finale!!