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Gloryhole Secrets Katie Kush 1st Visit

You're in for a treat this week, valued subscribers. Please welcome to the booth 22-year-old, super hot, newcomer "it" girl, Katie. She has only been shooting for about six months and is in high demand. Katie tells us the more she films, the more she finds out just how wild she is. We are privileged that Katie chose us to shoot her FIRST GLORYHOLE experience ever. While she started out not liking cum, Katie has developed an appreciation for it as she has discovered more about herself in her sexual awakening since staring porn. Today Katie is about to prove it as she sucks off ELEVEN STRANGERS in the gloryhole for ELEVEN CUMSHOTS down her throat. This girl is super modest when we asked her to rate herself on the 1-10 scale for her blowjob skills. She only gave herself a five or six! Her mind was definitely changed by the time she finished off her eleven guys with 100% accuracy. The first guy came back around again to give her the perfect score. Make sure you watch the whole interview to hear Katie's story about the first time she gave a blowjob (and who received it). Suffice it to say, she does not give a standard answer. Wow. One of the other things Katie has discovered about herself recently is that she is really into the BDSM lifestyle. She prefers to watch her own porn to get off, but since she hasn't shot any BDSM material yet, she has to do that in real life. Being in the industry has increased Katie's sex drive exponentially to the point where she masturbates everyday. She tells us she is a squirter too, a talent she has had since her first orgasm. Toward the end of the interview, watch as Katie revels in being fondled by the hands coming through the holes toward the end of her interview. Even though she was surprised, she submits immediately and loves it. She even guides the guys' hands where she wants them to go on her tight, 22-year-old body. We have to bring Katie back for a second round now that she has her confidence built up. What do you think? Do you think she really does look like the caucasian Rhianna? Give us your thoughts in the comments. Maybe next week we'll have the ebony Gwen Stefani.