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Yngr Ella Cruz

YNGR brings you the hottest young teens to the business! Ella Cruz is a gorgeous 19 year old that needs a new dick in her life every day of the week. She shows off her titties in plain sight and even gets naked in the park and sucks and fucks! They go back to his place and she shows off just how good she is at riding cock.
Ella Cruz is an energetic teen cutie that loves to frolic around in the city with her tits out! She doesn't want to keep any of her clothes on and she's fearless when it comes to public sex! He takes her to a public park and strips her down naked and after she goes down on her knees and sucks that huge cock he fucks her pussy hard and rough in the doggy position!
They go back to his place and he gives her even more of his thick dick on the couch as she struggles to swallow most of it. She gets on top and takes control and grinds on his cock, fucking in the cowgirl position. Then she turns over and with her legs up high and still laying on him they fuck in the reverse cowgirl position with one of his hands holding her tightly around her neck. Some more great action of sucking his cock on the couch with both her hands on his legs.
After another bout of reverse cowgirl sex with them both laying on the couch he pushes her off the couch and aiming his cock into her wide open mouth he shoots loads over her face, hair and over her head before she is able to close her mouth around his cock head and still end up with a mouthful of cum, which she pushes around in her mouth until she gulps the lot down her throat.