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12 thoughts on “Gloryhole Secrets Rachele 4th Visit

  1. Sarah, harryj, chokos, tyre99 and petri are fagg*ts

    Am I the only one who is here for the bitch? Yall should be discussing whose dick is which in some gay website lol.

    Motherfuckers discussing a dude's dick. I think yall also wanna suck it.

    1. harryj

      Nah I'm clearly here to bait and read your same 2IQ message spread across this website.
      You should go watch boring lesbian softcore shit since you cannot stand seeing dick.

      I get it you have your little quest of proving everything here is homo but you should go watch some pussy on pussy, looks like it suits you more.
      What do you say small load Randy ?

  2. harryj is a fagg*t

    Someone is clearly butthurt.

    I'll go watch some "lesbian softcore shit" and you go make an excel spreadsheet documenting how much milliliter each pornstar/amateur ejaculates, lol.


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