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11 thoughts on “Gloryhole Secrets Taylor Sands 1st Visit

        1. Dirkdiggler

          Pretty sure all of the guys at these holes are American, not African. Black Americans are not African, just like white Americans aren't Europeans.

          That ship sailed a long ass time ago.

  1. Tone

    Some of these replies are so funny, when most of your wives, girlfriend's etc probably have some BLACK DICK in they're mouths Everytime you leave they're presence lololol.

  2. cyclops

    I have no problem with any race.The real problem is classism..But I will say, the black guys in these movies seem to get off faster to pussy.Sometimes they bog down the flow & take forever to cum when it's head only.Kinda kills the fantasy because it hard to live vicariously through a guy who can't get off to a hot chick giving him head & begging to swallow his load.I prefer the chicks who can get guys off within 1-3 mins.Alena Croft was one of the best.You can tell most of the guys struggled to last more than 2 mins with her.Mostly all the guys except the black ones.


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