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16 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow C225-2 1st Visit (13 Aug 2021)

    1. shogunyetyet

      Nah Girls are always cute on the first visit then they all look the same the next time cuz they all get the same hair makeup and all that and they just look like some lowlifes idea of a high class whore

  1. Al

    Once we wake up, we realize that 99% of porn is gay-queer-faggot-mental retard produced, even the material that has women haphazardly thrown in , like Dave's 'I want to suck black dick' emphorium....

  2. chokos

    She's so fucking hot but her sucking skills are below average . I had high expectations for this visit but she didn't meet them .
    She should come back though for another chance and since her blow won't magically transform for the better , bareback and creampies should be included .

  3. Jalen hurts

    she's okay cute slutty girl bj skills average a lot of tongue tricks hunter,Shelby, teaka,fadden are real cocksuckers

  4. J-Money

    I know it's a long shot and probably very unlikely but I wish the blonde girl Lexi B would do another visit one day. She looked like she was willing to fuck the first time but she left after only maybe 7 gunshots but it was definitely one of my favorite "one and doner" scenes from a girl on the site.


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