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16 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow C218-2 Italy 4th Visit (06 Aug 2021)

  1. J

    Keep the updates comming. You doing a good job with the ones with fucking in them. But we need more videos with gloryhole creampies! Thanks!!

  2. jackhoffman

    Meh, terrible tattoos.. dave needs to remove the theatre room thing and letting guys enter the booth as well.. these videos are getting bad.

    1. yeah i know its free fuckoff

      yeah i like these vids until the theater room. fucking through the hole is hot. im not trying to see those slobs bodies and awkward camera angles

  3. mazzegas is so bad, is good but download not high quality, please where is playtube. This vid 1:17 minutes but only 760 mb. Not high quality 😔

  4. viktor

    I have lived in italy for about 7 years in the Napoli area. and I know well the mentality of Italians, yes they are beautiful but mercantile and cruel and fascists if you have no money she will not communicate with you and live

  5. sarah

    I actually prefer watching dudes fuck the girls through the hole and not in the theatre room or entering the booth. i prefer just the gloryhole fantasy!

  6. Joe

    You guys are weird! The theatre room is the best. It is where Debra, Tally, Yana, Ora, Italy, and all the other women get banged out and tapped out! The booth is too small and cramped! Theatre room > booth.

    1. ok

      I agree, the theatre room is the best. Booth fucking can be good if the girl is into, but its usually awkward. The only issues with the theatre room tho is when Dave has poor angles, or completely focuses on one chick. Like that real ugly chick in Hanna's visit


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