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35 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow C211-2 Real Lesbians (30 July 2021)

  1. Rambo, John J

    Who finds these burly bitches appealing? Is Dave a latent homosexual raised by an abusive, lesbian mum?

  2. viktor

    I love bisexuals and lesbians, but they are both terrible fat with hanging boobs in such a video, there must be a strict selection. this is not a pig farm

    1. Isaid WhatISaid

      Nor is it a nursery where only petite, child-like barely developed women are allowed.

      Fat and hanging boobs are part of real women’s bodies, that many men enjoy — so if you’re looking for spinners only there are specific sites out just for you.

      Besides- you know Dave won’t listen to you, a non-paying customer free loading off of his content, right? So what’s the actual point?

      1. viktor

        your dave is already making good money by posting these videos to his paid site. why me
        owes him
        to pay before he invited beautiful nipples and these last videos are fucked up. All the American rabble came to eat sperm. Still would have invited heroin addicts.

    2. tyrone

      Its ugly girls like these that u wanna bang real hard and even taken em up their ass, beautiful girls u wanna bang more sensitive and gentle

  3. U

    To sum up, thank you admin, for the this latest batch. See you in about 5-6 months when a new batch leaks. This latest batch ... overall fairly underwhelming.

    The only ones I truly dug was Cierra Bell and the BBW with glasses (who's NOT Parlia!) even though she got herself a dumb fish tat since last time! . The rest were bottom of the barrel skanks IMO.

    And not liking the new stream you chose - I'm not the only who's said it. Please consider bringing back playtube for the next crop of vids in 6 month time. Playtube preserved more of the image quality.
    Either that or you should choose faster hosts than keep2share for the full HD download. and/or break up the file into smaller parts.


      you're right overall it's quite disappointing to me I love to my great astonishment CIERRA BELLE THE WOMEN TOGETHER AND MY FAVORITE IS C162 2 TOO GOOD I WANT TO KNOW HIS FIRST NAME

  4. Peksiman

    Great visit and suprise creampies few but WHY SO MUCH BLACK DICKS.... Way too much black men and black dicks like i could spray mine seed inside her too. There is lot of white horny cocks waiting there i am sure ....


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