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12 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow C190-2 3rd Visit (09 July 2021)

  1. Dagi

    Dave keeps hiring those deadbeats that have the guts to put their dicks in that disgusting fat bitch anus.. Can you imagine having your dick totally dirty with that fat bitch feces?

    1. dirkdiggler

      I have running water and can wash my dick.. I'd fuck her fat ass all night. Fat girls are givers, they love when a cock is interested. That bitch will a2m without a second thought.

      Probably make me a damn good sandwich after a bust a few times too.

  2. peksiman

    Yes! those glasses make her even more slut secretary look and i think she even took creampies with this can't wait to download. Love you admin and only wish more often regular new updates here when dave releases new ones!!

    1. cyclops

      Best kind of sluts.Nothing like a hungry cum slut who's willing to give up every hole on her body in hopes of being rewarded with the biggest load possible.Those are the only types a chicks who should be allowed on the site.I love a chick who's willing to extract a load by any means possible.


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