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6 thoughts on “Porta Gloryhole Blaten – Blaten In The Porta Gloryhole For The First Time

  1. Gloryfan

    Dude, NO ONE wants the fucking portagloryhole shit.

    The camera fisheye lense is all fucked up, it's a waste of good hot chicks, the whole thing is fucked up and not sexy. Don't bother ripping this shit

    1. chokos

      Gotta agree , a really worthless concept . I've never , not once , masturbate to porta videos .
      Shame about the waste of some good sluts .

  2. BonerBone

    This one is one of the best.

    I really enjoy it when they do an "after service" and keep sucking the dick for a bit after the nut.

    This one should be kept.


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