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29 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow B325-2 1st Visit (20 Nov 2020)

  1. no

    To download:

    Download google chrome

    go here:

    download the extension

    Go back to playtube video, and play the video

    Open the extension

    Click on server 2 page within the extension

    Click the arrow that looks like this "-->"

    Click the download arrow

    Wait for 1-2 mins to pre download then it will have the actual file download box appear.

    You can only do this twice per day though but it works

  2. David

    Horrible optics, unless the viewer is a schizophrenic, narcissistic gay male who wants the cock more than the women do. Hetrosexual voyeurs like myself find this material unwatchable.

    1. lol

      use download video helper through firefox. Play the video then if you click on the arrow it allows you to download the file directly. I downloaded all 3 new ghs videos no problem

    1. utawa

      I have seen it. It's the worst. Mostly creampies in condoms, she swallowed just a few, and although she is not as shy as she was previously, you can tell that she still doesn't like cum. What a pity.

  3. chokos

    Can you help me on this : Wasn't there a video with "Parlia" ( fatso with glasses) that she took creampies in the theater room ?
    I can't find it anywhere ..

  4. Pluggs

    Stream Recorder for Chrome will download the PlayTube stream easily with no extra steps. The red video record button goes live when the stream starts, it and will pick it all up and save it as an MP4. Seamless

  5. Jake Blaze

    There are 17 scenes that have been leaked on Empornium. Let's remember to support the content we all want to see by at least paying for a month if not a yearly subscription to All Dave is trying to do is make great porn in a genre we all love. So why not show the love back?


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