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39 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow B311 Francesca 6th Visit (06 Nov 2020)

  1. Bob backling

    Look at you giving gifts this morning you are the man hopefully the hot blonde with the long nails 💅 is next stay thirsty my friends

  2. deadpool

    Took 4 months from when it originally leaked but finally the Francesca vid is here.

    Hope this means the other videos from the new leak are here soon. Admin uploaded the Jan 1st video but disappeared when it was like 10 new videos that leaked.

  3. lexington steele wesley snipes

    NOT BAD THE VIDEO I understand why I forgot her first name claimed her here the visitors let go compared to the one with daphne

  4. lexington steele wesley snipes

    NOT BAD THE VIDEO I understand why I forgot her first name claimed her here the visitors let go of the one with daphne

    1. admin

      " Hello,

      Downloads are disabled globally untill we integrate new system that will prevent abusers from abusing our download which should happen within 48 hours. "

      Playtube's response. Wait 48 hours.

  5. mazzego

    What happened to the Playtube site?
    I can't download videos from Playtube anymore, they want membership and money 🙁
    please provide alternative download links.

  6. Brock Landers

    I am not able to download. When I try to click on the DL button, I go to the Playtube home page. Anyone else having the same issues???

  7. U

    Yeah, what's up with PlayTube? Please use another host, admin?

    And what is it with latinas getting knocked up so goddamn young?!
    Don't they know about the pill or condoms?
    Her body used to be beautiful, now her body's fucked for good!
    Whata fucking waste.

  8. AsianChkLvr

    I just checked and Playtube works fine. Use Chrome, run ad blockers, and then it takes a minute for the page to load. You might need to refresh the page. It will tell you to turn off the ad blockers but it will give you a download button. From there it gives a 26 or 30 second countdown. Takes a few clicks and closing a few windows, but it then lets you download.

    It's not the site, it's your browser.

    1. U

      I tried your way -
      I have ad block on, I push download button, countdown begins - "Normal quality" comes up. But Whenever I click "Normal quality" it forwards to playTube's site.

    2. Jason Bourne

      Did you actually download or did you just see the button and assume it would let you? Because Im using Chrome, running ad blockers and waiting for the countdown. It gives me a download button but the button just redirects to the playtube homepage and DOESNT start the download. I've tried like ten times and it just doesnt work.

    3. foo

      Hmm weird, dowloading worked fine when this vid was first published, now I can't download it anymore. After countdown it redirects to Playtube homepage.

      1. AMS

        I've seen the visuals on another site but they require a premium account, I'm not paying for no porn so I'm gonna wait until they leak here.

  9. Kris

    I've the same problem with PlayTube
    I've the download button , I've the timer, I've the button "Normal"
    but when I use it I've the PlayTube home page

  10. AsianChkLvr

    After it working fine for me yesterday, it finally gave me same issues as everyone else noted.

    To get newest vids, I used Chrome, the WAAW link, and the plug-in Stream Recorder. Worked like a charm.

  11. Creepdar

    You creeps need to stoooopppp with the complaints about downloading. Jesus fucking Christ what is wrong with streaming? This shit ain't goin anywhere, go back 6 years of ghs videos and theyre still live and well on this site...fuckin weirdos i hope your family's find this shit on your harddrive when you die lmao

  12. Jake Blaze

    There are 17 scenes that have been leaked on Empornium. Let's remember to support the content we all want to see by at least paying for a month if not a yearly subscription to All Dave is trying to do is make great porn in a genre we all love. So why not show the love back?

    1. Jaca

      yeah he makes the best gloryhole videos, but thats not really saying much....only like what two other sites update frequently? You have gloryholesecrets which is ok, and dogfart that is over the top staged.

      Dave would have more subs if he didn't charge so much... There is no single month option and 80 fucking dollars for 3 months or 300 for a year is a crime.


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