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13 thoughts on “Gloryhole Secrets Febby Twigs 3rd Visit

  1. Connor

    FAIL on so many levels. Creepy ass creep cameraman and moronic camera moves. Dumbass porn staples. Alot of people want to watch this but it's just too painful. The entire genre is turning out the same shit, not just Aziani. Narcissistic, misogynistic gay males dominate all levels of porn, so this shit is expected.

    1. Clint Eastwood

      Man, shut the fuck up. The scene was hot. You're like the guy from American Beauty. Claims to hate gays but really a closet homo.

    2. Mike

      I'm in complete agreement. The cameramen are consistently creepy, moronic and narcissistic. The fat slobs with soft dicks need to be shown the door before the action even starts.

  2. Rick

    It’s not a fail for the weird reasons you mentioned. It’s a fail b/c it’s staged and the guys are pros. Take these girls to a real gloryhole and it’s 100x better. This is just a pro bj video with some props.

    1. Mike

      Rick: I agree, as long as the cameraman stays out of the booth. Set up some fixed cameras at good angles and let the action rip. The women should do as they wish, but swallowing is a must. The cameramen tend to kill these productions right out of the gate. No directors needed or wanted. The gal went there to suck, fuck and swallow. If she isn't worth a damn, don't have her back. We are voyeurs, not participants.

  3. AsianLvr

    Not sure why, but these just don't interest me like GHSwallow does. I know both are staged, but the setup looks better, the crappy lighting does better, the smaller working space, and often it's more amateur women in swallow.

    1. Ron

      Swallow is seedier and more real. That’s what makes it hot.

      This is a studio set with nothing but pros on both sides. These other GH sites need to follow suit and get random guys and real bookstore gloryhole booths. No need to pay top dollar for girls either. The seedy/risky reality is what sells.

  4. Winston

    Everybody stop bitching. This girl is goated and takes the loads like a champ! She is perfect for eating lumpy loads.


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