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32 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow B318-2 2nd Visit (13 Nov 2020)

          1. Benjamin Your Mom

            @Orc Hater How ironic, an idiot using a term from the fucking '40s or something trying to tell someone to evolve. You people are truly trash.

            @MikeyP You just need ABP. I have zero alerts on this site, and the popups on the streaming page are manageable. you are indeed bitching about free porn so you do need to STFU and put your big girl panties on.

  1. Jahnno

    Do you know where can I download last videos in 1080p? I can't find it on torrents.
    Btw thanks admin for uploads. I appreciate.

  2. amanda

    I love how open these women are off deep creampies in their pussy. Real women should allow men to cum deep inside them

  3. Robbie

    This shit ain't gonna get no better until the retarded queer producers remove themselves completely. This shit is horrible. If 'Dave' would just blow his brains out on camera, I could get off bucketloads.

      1. Phil

        Don't feed the trolls Gloryfan. That guy goes by many different names on here but he's Johnnie from PH and loves GHS videos but hates Dave. He's probably one of the guys who got caught.

        He tries to pretend it's all gloryhole sites but he only shows up here to comment on GHS videos. Get it, he hates ALL gloryhole sites and camera guys but is always here taking the time to comment on the GHS shares.

        He's either a closet homo or lives with mommy in the basement.

    1. MikeyP

      admin pays for the ugly one an doesnt get the good stuff wtf

      post the good shit nigga an drop playtube. dont be cheapo fatso an host dis shit nigga


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