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28 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow B304 2nd Visit (30 Oct 2020)

    1. deadpool

      They work now. Or at least they do for me. Looks like admin was editing some of the videos or something.

      Can't wait for the VIP videos

    2. Microdick Cumlord

      Browser extensions like Video DownloadHelper will work on some streaming sites but not on others. Don't know of any better way.

  1. deadpool

    Lol see this is what I mean when I say pirates lazy. Many of them Just copy and paste don't think for themselves when naming video.

    The Oct 30 and Oct 29 are same videos. Like all the pirate would have had to do was watch the video before uploading lmao. The origin source probably made a typo. GHS uploades videos on Fridays and fucked up the date and uploaded twice. Admin comes in later thinking he got two different vids.

      1. 2Clicks1Boom

        Her name is Diana. This visit isn't new, it dates back to 2018, I had her 1st visit since then when I was a member.

        1. deadpool

          So it took 2 years for the pirates to get it what happened? That has to be a record or up there for longest vid to be leaked.

          1. Alf

            When Dave postée it in 2018, for some reason, he decided delete it a few hours ago. Very few people had the time to save it, that's why it hadn't leaked before.

          2. deadpool

            Oh yea that is right. I remember several months ago someone claiming Dave deleted 15+ videos from scrapbook. He was probably preaching to outsiders since people who didn't have a membership and pirate the videos would never notice that or care. Just people who sub.

            Glad they finally here hope more come.

  2. Super d

    B304 She is so incredible smoking hot body she needs to come back and do a third time she is so beautiful and gorgeous you have to bring her back again one of the best women in the Gloryhole swallow

  3. mazzegas

    I don't understand what she did ?
    Why did she get out there ?
    She is so boring and so sullen and all the cumshots are her on tits,
    she can not swallow cum
    one of the worst videos I have ever seen.


      IN FACT SHE IS NOT BORING It's just the visitors who are soft it's true the miss is very hot you see she wants but the guys are not playing enough of her body like a little cunnilingus doing fingering doing actions brutal alas no because the girl is good in fact when you look good

  4. Bobby Peru

    The creampie at the end doesn't made it. This visit sucks. The prissy bitch should go to a bar, have a few drinks, come back and swallow the white guys loads and let the black dudes cum in her pussy. Fucking numbskull dave schould have his tiny balls punished with pincers and soldering iron for selling this bullshit. Seems like this dumbass isn't able to pick up sexy pretty cumsluts anymore, like detra or debra for example. Just fat, ugly, black or fake titted girls, unable to suck dick and afraid of cum. Fuck it!

  5. Bonerbone

    This should have been posted on ""

    She has a nice body and all, but her first (albeit short) visit is much better.

  6. Pekka

    Awesome have new videos !!! Damn my dream came true.. Admin updated these ghs swallow videos finally with also the newest ones with creampies 😍😍. That daves member cost is joke and robbery. I would not ever pay 100 euros for only ghs membership. Admin is there any possibility for interwiews and scrapbook too?? Do you have portagloryhole videos?? There is missing one mature woman GHS creampie update and one girl in glasses you see in the home site


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