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20 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow B269 Pandora 3rd Visit (25 Sep 2020)

    1. deadpool

      The people who have access to that discord probably don't come here. All the videos until Oct 30 leaked at once. They probably downloaded them all when it happened and have no reason wait on admin here. Us on CSM get them 2 a day. I downloaded them all except Kaitlyn Katsaros 3rd visit before they got deleted off two tube sites. So It probably 2-3 days before that comes here at earliest.

      1. Anon

        I had access but my account got nuked. Ironically the last time I needed a new invite I founded one on these comment sections but it's expired. Ah well.

      2. CoolGuy

        The people who have access to the discord come on CSM, they even link the videos here on the discord.
        Even if every GHS are here (and i use this site for dl), there are a lot of other content on the discord that i used to watch. That's why i wanted an invitation.
        So if someone can share an invit it would be great.

    1. deadpool

      Her name was always Pandora. It was a pirate typo. People who upload this stuff and spread it around copy and paste the titles. They rarely think or edit in names. Perfect example is the Kaitlyn Katsaros, Chloe Temple, and Melody Foxx videos.

      None of their names on GHS is that if you a long time GHS follower you'd know the women don't have last names closest is stuff like Valerie/Valerie B if they share first name. But the pirates put their porn star names in title. And don't use their GHS names when they upload it.


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