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48 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow – Gloryhole Nerd Pawg

  1. Adnan6711

    This girl is truely amazing! Shes one of my all time favourites on gloryhole swallow! Shes letting all these dudes fuck her bareback and cream her up real good! I even like that white dude licking her pussy after the guy before had just whipped creamed her up real good!

    She gets serveral hot creampies after another, and i guess the dudes taking turn just thought its her being damn wet and not knowing the truth πŸ˜‰


      I agree with you finally the guys let loose on a woman who is not only hot but very beautiful finallynnnnnnnn the visitors benefit from it

  2. Munna

    Whats name of this beautiful girl, please anyone let me know,

    love this girl so much, sweet sucks to her,

    LoveLy creamy girL, she will go a Long way !

  3. AsianChkLvr

    Beautiful? Ahh, no. She's no Claire, Francesca, or Ora (lots of very good looking women there but these are the first 3 I thought of). She might be cute to a lot, with plump curves and she certainly isn't ugly. She seems like a thirsty trick which is great for a ho you want to bang and share. Bring her home to family & friends? No. Bring her to an off the hook bachelor party? Fuck yeah.

    1. amanda

      Yo know that these hungry whoes act really mature outside their sexual moments? u wouldnt guess it in the daily lol

  4. CrazyHorse

    Ok... Let's start forgeting about the naysayers in here... This visit is by far the best release of GHS in the whole year!! The chick have a great natural body... she said she had lost one hundred pounds!! I mean "c'mon guys?" I'm just saying: It's always great to watch a round and beautiful white-bubble-butt like that up in the air and getting pounded by complete strangers in a dark room. That whore didn't lied about been without a dick in her pussy for almost an entire year... she was literally begging for more dick as soon as the first dude get inside of her... she remembered what she's been missing all this time! That whore is a true gem! I hope she comes back real soon for another visit! Thanks again ADM

    1. LordB

      facts, u guys who like twigs have issues, we are men and need boobs AND A FAT asss, she's one of the best daves gotten

    1. 2Clicks1Boom

      Question that needs answering ^^^ I need Lynn's 1st visit, Ashley B's 3rd , and Kate's 2nd visit if someone could be a good Samaritan and help us out.

        1. 2Clicks1Boom

          Well apparently USAFries misread what I wrote I said "Lynn's 1st visit" not Kendra Lynn's Gloryhole Secret visit this is a thread for Gloryhole Swallow.. Also I said Kate's 2nd not her 1st then you posted Ashley B's 3rd in 360p I need it in HD.. All you did was give Dave a direct link to have his content removed smh. Administrator please delete this donkeys comment.

        2. 2Clicks1Boom

          I have the Gloryhole Wife's visits , However were bartering over here and you've made it clear you have nothing to offer.

          1. USAFries

            Sorry about that I am new to commenting, and you didn't specify you wanted them in HD. Also how exactly would I send you the vids without providing links. You said Lynn nothing else there could be a ton of girls with the name lynn.

            If you have a MEGA I can share some links to non Gloryhole related content as well as some other things. I am willing to barter but I feel like we got off on the wrong foot. I am sorry for misunderstanding you

    2. beggar

      since we're asking
      how about somebody upload allies 2nd visit with catherine part 1 and 2? netu/ never works right for me

  5. Azz man

    I always judge the quality of a chicks puzzy by how many creampies they take on these videos.There was another GHS vid with this older chick.Was a lil on the thin side & wasn't much of a looker, but she must've had some super puzzy.None of the guys could last very long once they got inside of her.It got to the point were her and the camera guy started laughing about.It's on her somewhere.One of the older videos from a few years back.Wish I could remember her name.


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