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12 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow B143 Gh Fit Chick 2nd Visit (22 May 2020)

  1. anon

    It's amazing how much of a difference the new hair makes. Also, too bad those 2 guys went limp on her and one guy came when he was about to fuck. At least she got creampied at the end.

  2. William

    This gal is a favorite but unwatchable as usual due to Dave's presence and camera handling. I'm completely turned off by the camera's mindless hovering, bobbing, and mostly entirely too close. Not all of us are inexperienced kids or retarded faggots.

    1. foo

      > I'm completely turned off by
      I guess watching sexual acts in a booth are not your thing then and I assume we won't be seeing you in these gloryhole swallow comments anymore so don't let the ctrl-w hit you when closing this tab.

    2. Your mom

      Honestly loser. Stop calling everyone retarded faggots. You’re too much of a coward to talk like that in real life.

  3. JohnDoeBitches

    REALLY wanted to see this ol' exotic chiseled ass hoe take some bbc RAW! Man what a fuckin' (pun intened) missed opportunity.


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