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23 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow B136 Paisley Aimes 2nd Visit (15 May 2020)

  1. instynctive

    FANTASTIC video. The girl is great, and the first loads were inside her cunt. She then took 4 more loads in her cunt, both while in the booth, then the last one in the theater.

    Thank you!

  2. azzega

    her first visit amazing, but this so bad
    total 12 cumshot but only 4 cum swallow
    a complete disappointment for me

  3. Munna

    This Video is amazing, Paisley Aimes is a great beauty, loved her so much, she is neat and clean Performer of the art, No confusions and amazing act of performance, she will go a Long way into profession, i Love her Personally. Her subsequent videos will be more amazing, this girl is so Great !

  4. Luckyyyy

    That dude at the end was pretty lucky to get some 1 one 1 time with her because usually girls of this caliber attract a lot of guys and it ends up being a big ass sausage fest. Luckily in his case he got to be the last guy of the day.

  5. J-Money

    That dude at the end was really lucky to get some 1 on 1 time to have sex with her at the end and waited at the right time because the beginning was a literal sausage fest of an orgy.

  6. Munna

    FantastiK, so much of cuteness and beauty in 1-sweety, Lovely performer, any other Videos on other sites of Paisley Aimes, if any one knows please share, every move of my sweety Paisley Aimes is meaningful and Love to watch. Lots of Kisses to this Beautiful sweet Baby ! I will be happ if she also reads this message !

  7. BasedKlayWithThe NineIncher

    Sucks he doesnt get normal girls anymore. whole reason why I liked ghs. Porn whores dont do it for me

  8. Bobby Peru

    This sweet next door angel is really cute. She offered her birth canal to all those guys and took the creampies like a good white girl should. I'm sure her parents would be so proud seeing her little daughter's pussy used as a cum dump for so many horny strangers. Somebody should pass them a copy. Would be nice to see her come back with a baby bump and big tits full of milk. Her body is made for making babies. A true role model for young white girls to follow.

    1. chokos

      She' ll come back as a preggo , don't worry . With a belly bump and a bracelet monitor on her ankle .
      Such a good girl , her parents are proud .

  9. Munna

    Anyone who can afford, please upload 3rd visit with Cream-pies, this baby will take all those collection of semen in her womb, Love you baby so much, please come back with a Baby-Bump, so much of cum must fertilize your eggs easily, sweet sucks to Paisley Ames !!!

        1. Mnm

          Don't think so, maybe in couple months at the least. If anyone has ghs sub ask Dave for a 3rd,4th,5th aand a 6th visit with 100%creampies no swallow

  10. chokos

    She's such a good girl , taking loads from mongrels , ex convicts , parolees , cholos . She is a good grrrrl , she's a daddy's girl . Dad is proud of you honey .

  11. Munna

    Dear Admin, please upload Tara 1st visit, i am unable to get anywhere, a last hope on Admin to upload Tara 1st visit, thank you so much for Paisley Ames !

    Please upload Tara 1st Visit !

  12. Hillary Clinton

    can tell she has fascination with humping for dicks to bust, she feels she needs that little excuse after 10 dicks, "oh my jaw hurts" tho im glad the director allowed her artistic license to experiment with all that spew in her crotch......she climbs on a guy to ride him right after she got a creampie plus her dirty feet is totally unprofessional....nice work!


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