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80 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow 9 Month Gloryhole

  1. peksiman

    Oh admin you are alive!! finally new ghs updates. 2 new creampie updates released so maybe dave has got more wishes bareback and creampiefucking

    1. Klay Thompson

      I been saying this for a while but it happened yet again. Dave punishes the paying members for what the pirates do. I heard the story is that people from a discord leaked the videos and when Dave heard he removed all the C4S vids. Which isn't surprising. He deleted like 10 test videos when he heard people on this and other comment sections asked about them.

      1. CAL

        Fuck u bitch, its snitches like you why that fagot dave keeps pulling his videos. Hopefully someone murders his dumb as soon he's making very little profit on these videos

  2. tsokos

    I'd like to feed a pregnant , give her all the extra protein she needs . But this slut , which i believe i've seen again in another video , sucking all these mongrels and deadbeats will probably give birth to a mongoloid .

    1. JohnSmith

      Imagine there’s a porn video and your stupid racist ass is focused on something so trivial. You white boys are mentally ill.

      1. Gloryfan

        How can you be smart enough to try and not be racist and then stupid enough to default label the dude with a race?

        Don't be dumb, it's not always white dudes who are racist.

        Either way, for a pregnant girl, this one is surprisingly hot, I normally find pregnant girls gross, but she knows how to work a pipe.

        1. JohnSmith

          Typical white boy. Ignores his fellow honky’s racist laden post and goes straight to me with the “you’re no better generalising all of us”. That’s why I can’t stand y’all. Quick to condemn the accusation of racism but not address it. Fool.

          1. Klay a nigger

            JohnSmith is sure one dumb nigger. There's a reason you stupid black fucks are still building mud huts in Africa when 2000 years ago Romans were building shit out of concrete and grand marble palaces

        2. JohnSmith

          I had a reply I wrote earlier but of course the admin blocked it whilst he lets racists spew their filth.

  3. Amanda

    semen is very very healthy for a baby in a womb! alot of proteins and nutrients! That baby will get everything it needs! Doesnt matter wich healthy or unhealthy dude the semen is from, it will still be broken down into nutrients for the baby to grow on.

  4. BonerBone

    Yay! Yet another video, which I'll watch tomorrow. According to people here, it seems nice (way to go Admin).

    More importantly, does anyone know where I can download Vanessa's 1st visit? It seems to have been deleted from all over the net.

    I tried downloading a torrent of it, but it gets stuck at 93% x. X

    I don't really mind the quality. I just enjoy this girl in particular quite a bit (her first visit is awesome and her banter is hilarious)

    Thank you in advance, kind stranger that will point this one for me 😛

      1. Bonerbone

        Thank you very much my dude.

        PornoLab is a no-no for me, but the torrent has seeds on it and I am downloading it at the moment.

        Might as well make a back up of the good ones while I am at it (Tiffany, Priscila, Bridget, etc).

        Basicaly, my main criteria is if the girl at least pretends to enjoy gobbling down spunk, and if she keeps sucking for a while after the guy came.

        Quality matters in this regard lol

        Thank you once more

          1. Bonerbone

            Torrent program (such as "utorrent".

            After you install it, simply copy the line you want from the link 'Good person' gave and add as url.

            Exemple: copy everything from 'magnet' until 'announce' (including those 2 words)

            Without proper screenshots I can't really give you instructions here, but it should be simple enough.

    1. Bonerbone

      Valeu mano. O cara ali em cima me passou o link com o torrent de tudo separado por ano (e aparentemente tem seeds de tudo, afinal o torrent com tudo de 2013 tem).

      Segue o link caso queira procurar algo.


      1. Michigan69

        Eu estou baixando também! O foda é que fica difícil saber apenas pelo nome, ainda mais agora que o Dave tirou o nome de todas as minas do site...

  5. Al

    LMAO over people arguing over this shit. Creep ass faggot in the booth with the woman wants to suck cock more than the women do. Besides, camera handling is absolutely appalling.

    1. Klay a nigger

      thats why Daves site is on the brink of collapse. He's an annoying fat faggot that doesnt know what he's doing. His fat spic wife should start sucking cocks that's the only way forward for him to make any money

  6. Fuck Dave.

    Seems somebody told Dave about Jhonny/Johnny

    Fucking snitches. Now Spankbang lost 90% of it's GHS videos except the 2 min shitty clips uploaded by FrogKiller (dave probably).

    All i want to see is Ora's latest.

    None of the new girls are as good as the old ones.

    1. Klay Thompson

      Frog killer is Dave and his forum has snitches that report the links anywhere they see them. I guess they hope it gets them into the good graces of Dave and he might give them stuff. But Dave has shown time and time again he doesn't give a fuck about they paying members. The 1 month option to join is still gone. Lowest is the $80 three month sub.

      I don't know how the people who pay for it even accept that crap.

  7. SwedishHouseMafia

    Hi everybody,

    Glad to see that everyone here seems to share the same passion for good movies 🙂
    By the way can someone please help me to find a working link for the Paisley Ames video. I think the video name is "smells like teen spirit" (pretty sure Kurt Cobain would've loved it).

    1. Klay Thompson

      That link is dead now. I saw a couple other scenes leak too elsewhere. Wonder how long until they get reuploaded here. Admin of CSM is really slacking with the stuff he reuploads to this site from elsewhere. Used to do it within 3 days now it be weeks.

      1. tsokos

        Klay if you know where are the other scenes please post the links so we can download them . It doesn't do us any good if someone is saying "i know where the videos are" but never gives a link . Only a couple guys here have delivered the goods , the others are just talking .
        If you really know , tell us . Ofcourse Dave's lackies will inform him but we will have at least a day , maybe two , to get them . The same happened with John Anderson's links .

        As for me i was fast enough to get a couple videos . The ebony amateur and Paisley Ames with Eskimo Emma . Both good videos . Paisley is such a good girl , her parents are proud of her . She's a daddy's girl . Daddy loves you .

        1. Klay Thompson

          You seriously trying to say i never gave links or told people which sites/torrents are where the videos being uploaded lmao. I have helped several times. The sites haven't changed. Only the uploaders to them. If you don't know them it isn't my fault at this point.

          All providing a link does at this point is get the uploaders deleted a lot faster. Especially if the link name is something random meant to be harder to find like "green eggs and ham" instead of "GHS May 1st visit"

          1. Klay Thompson

            I don't know how many times I have said spankbang is one of the sites where videos get uploaded. I will screw over an uploader which I hate since maybe the uploader has more and linking to it ends the future uploads prematurely but it is just to show that people like tsokos who complain need to get better at searching.

            Here is the April 10th update on spankbang. Get better at searching.

            You notice how the title doesn't have GHS/Gloryhole swallow it only tags. Porntrex is another site where they get uploaded and the uploaders there take is a level higher. Fake name, fake tags, fake display picture. Only way to know it a GHS, Bangbros, etc video is to however over it. There are other places but I have helped you all enough so never say I don't give info on this forum. Heck wish I learned shit here but I rarely do. I gotta learn it myself.

          2. deadpool

            Thanks Klay you the man. I had been searching gloryholeswallow day after day. I didn't even know many people stopped naming the videos that. On the side the related videos there was the April 17th, April 3rd, March 27th and the Ora video from March. I downloaded them all who knows how long they will still be up for.

          3. Klay Thompson

            Yeah those vids probably won't last another 24 hours. Might be the rare situation where a leak originates on a tube site. Rather than the trackers/torrents. I don't think I seen the Ora video on Pornolab. And I haven't had access to EMP in months either way who cares about the source enjoy the leak while you can.

          4. tsokos

            Thanx Klay !! This is what we need , we must share the wealth !
            Good video , damn she's hot .
            What about the Bruce Willis looking guy , he fucks all the pussy over there lol . He must be connected ...

          5. Klay Thompson

            Yeah no problem. Wish I got some of the wealth and learned stuff off CSM. Instead I give info and get no info in return.

            Also turns out from the stuff on tubes only one here is the March 13th video. So Yikes admin here is several videos behind.

          6. Beep

            Yeah, you are right.
            Girl who calls her dad got leaked ages ago, even better I found Mylees 2nd visit and the Puerto Rican BBW, but locked behind some shitty file hosters that require you to buy premium before you can download. Dated several months back , I dont have the faintest idea how they arent here or anywhere else yet. It really appears admin has given up.
            Btw, much appreciated that you give ou info here, though sadly most cant contribute as this is pretty much the only forum I know of.

      1. Klay Thompson

        That guy wasn't one who uploaded it. Just a messenger. If it or any other GHS leak gets posted here will probably be dead within a day. Usually within 4 hours. People from GHS forum lurk here and snitch to Dave.

  8. Klay Thompson

    This place seems to rarely gives out info anymore. I get it not many here have a mole in the GHS or are active members and corona going around other things to care about. But I am hearing Dave is claiming to have 3 Claire visits on another forum.

    1. Klay Thompson

      I posted a link above. The videos as of the time of this post are on spankbang. From March 6-April 24. Think quite a bit have leaked before like I seen the pink hair one a week ago on pornhub.

      1. Erik Erikson

        Hi Klay, do you have a link for Paisley Ames? (the girl who calls her dad) - I can't find it anywhere.

  9. tsokos

    As expected , Johnie's account got deleted . A lot of videos were uploaded there , i hope anyone who was searching for some of them was fast enough to d/l before they dissapeared .
    I got a few of them i was missing for my collection , let's see if they get reuploaded .
    Motherfucking Dave and his minions , lol . What kind of people do that , don't they have any self respect ...

  10. Phil

    He has minions reporting links in his Forum but he's also using DigiRegs and they crawl the web to detect links for removal. Many sites are using this now.

  11. Long_dicknoname

    Not a minion lol but I do get my dick sucked on the site lolol

    Most of your comments are off about him but I’m not here to defend him, I’m here to watch the videos just like y’all

    I don’t even get membership privileges

    Not going to lie it is cool getting to watch the girl suck your dick after in the videos.

    If you guys were cool I’d answer questions, but there’s a lot of haters and bitter people, I’m sure some cool guys here too
    I could tell stories n shit
    But I’m all actuality Dave’s not checking these boards lol and not hurting for money I assure you that. But idk what the deal is with the memebership I’m can’t afford it and my dick is the one being sucked by the women.

    Gotta respect the game, if you have an issue start your own didn’t stop buzz azanini

    Otherwise find better ways to upload the video no neeed to complain all thru the comments every video it’s redundant.

    And for the dumbass who’s gonna be like prove it, shut your bitch ass up.

    GI Jane went wild this past week idk when the upload is but pretty fit chick took all the cum like the past times

    1. John Anderson

      Aww dude stfup ,we know it's you porky.Even if it's not you do you realize how lame you sound? You sound like a Dave lackie, A cheerleader,Hell a feckless bootlick.Foh clown...Nobody believes you!!

    2. Beep

      Yeah, Im sure Dave is so not strapped for cash that he (or one of his minions) comes to apirate forum and begs people to sign up with transparent shit like "I bet you just cant afford it" and a bit of cheap advertising for the newest update (that is by no means worth 80$)that may be taken straight from his twitter. Pathetic.
      I mean, all that fight against piracy must have taken considerable amounts of money next to time while severely reducing subscribers down to a small numer of cultist coomer freaks.
      Dave the cuck runs this site like a sect, not a business, which is grounds enough that he will never see my money.

      1. Long_deek no name

        Lol no one is broke or hurting over here
        Business is booming out here

        But again you gotta look at it from his POV idk what that entiails I don’t run a website

        But at the same time you have to think it’s your money choice what you want to spend it on

        I’m not in the forums either, I figured I come here and tell you guys but dickhead doesn’t believe me lol

        I’ve known Dave since 2014.... this isn’t about me anyway.

        So no this isn’t him and this isn’t a wannabe

        Lol real guy. With real businesses that gets to dabble at a GH where all are women I can’t complain

        But for a lot of you guys I feel your pain lol, but honest question is it the fact that you have to pay? Or the price?

        I’ll ask him but I posted to answer questions about the girls but slot of upset people in the comments

        I’m not paying to watch me get my sick sucked haha

        But maybe I’ll wear a wu tang clan shirt the next times I go lol so when you see a recent release and wu tang tee know it’s me

        1. Beep

          Thats a mighty long text for someone who doesnt care. In case you did not notice, I am not paying to see you get your dick sucked either. Btw, are you the guy who eats all the girls pussies after they got creampied?

          Simply put: A Tinder date ending in sex costs me about 10-20$, in times of Corona even less as they come straight to your home with bars closed and all that. Porn for an uncomplicatd nut inbetween is nice, but why pay for that ? The very Idea is pretty damn ridiculous. Also, annoyance at having to enter different search times each time I want to rewatch a video and find it again has very little to do with "pain".

          Please, convince me to give some cunt who openly and gleefully shits on his customers 90$ for porn.

    3. Daves Murderer

      Choke on a dick and die. You're either that faggot dave or some internet compulsive liar either way this site does NOT need you here bye and dont ever return

  12. Munna

    Please help me to know this sweetie baby, so much of cuteness in a baby, Lovely baby taking so much Protien, wish i could help her baby grow with my protiens , please tell me her name, if possible i know there must 1-more video for this baby while she was 7-months Preggo, thnx Munna

  13. Bobby Peru

    Fucking dumbass dave is gormandizing like a dirty pig in the beginning. This camera waving fagot should do this before or after the shooting. The girl better go home and let this jive talking blockhead swallow the cum and sell fucking gay porn movies. Besides, I hope for more preggos in the future.


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