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37 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow B073 Parlia & Tabitha (13 Mar 2020)

  1. John John

    The young whore isn't Parlia at all and that old old lady it isn't for me! Thanks! Can you guys bring the "Gloryhole Nerd PAWG" visit?? I just can't find it nowhere on the web! Going nuts already!

    1. Lqa

      According to a thread on reddit r/gloryhole, her name is Paisley Ames and her twitter account is paisleyamesxxx

      I’ve been trying to start a thread on that sub for others here to comment on, but that sub is run by morons too busy jacking off.

    1. Reggie

      She has another scene on Dave's clips4sale page called "Blonde BBW Cum Dump" The asshole is charging $60 for it. I still don't know her name though. She is definitely super cute. I'd love to see more of her.

      1. JB

        Thanks. I just watched the 11-second snippet on clips4sale, and she looks like she was quite a bit thicker then. Prefer her look here. I’ll save my $60.

  2. U

    I fucking LOVE the teen - pissed off that Dave paired her with that ugly old hag - should've kicked her to the curb and done a 90 minutes vid just with the teen.
    And as already mentioned, the teen is NOT Parlia -
    she's way cuter than Parlia.

    1. JohnDoeBitches

      Couldn't agree with you more! Sometimes I don't mind it if I don't find the main chick attractive or interesting but that really wasn't the case here. That old hag is fuckin hideous and completely unnecessary.

    2. foo

      I'm more pissed that once the going in the theater room got interesting with what seemed like a dp, Dave cut off and back to the booth they were.

  3. Jay

    What is Dave's obsession with taking young girls to the gloryhole only to ruin the visit by pairing them with old women?

  4. croc

    Like a lot of people here I used to be a member of GHS, i never renewed my membership as it really feels like you are getting sold short. I really used to sympathise with Dave getting his shit leaked but he doesn't help himself. Guy needs a serious overhaul of his business plan and fast.

    If any of the admins can find the new PAWG Nerd and PAWG Gangbang videos you will be saviours, screw paying over $100 for two videos lol

  5. Real Pussy Beater

    She’s getting fucked well and the “hag” can swallow some mean dick. Teen girl is cute but boring, the “hag” would have been better alone. She seems like a damn good fuck...

  6. RolloTomassi

    I have the PAWG Video. I have supported Dave a long time. I was VERY displeased to know he was charging us for memberships and then charging us an insane amount for special vids through another site.

    Then he erases the 1 month option forcing us to pay insane amounts for limited content.

    Show me where to upload it and I will.

    Don't think he can track from Clips4sale. Can he?
    I do this for us all

      1. RolloTomassi

        I will but before I do, since I didn't get it from the website via subscription, does it still allow him to trace who bought it?

  7. Frenchie

    Thanks a lot for sharing but I won't lie, the short teaser of the young girl calling her dad during the visit is way hotter than this whole video.
    If anyone knows where to find it, please share, I feel like I'de parsed the whole entire web looking for it :-/

  8. Bonerbone

    The young girl is cute and all, but no one will ever beat Priscila. She is simply the best cock sucker to ever step into Dave's turf (I kid you not. She sucked cock and swallowed cum with such passion that you actually believe she was there just to have fun, much more than to make cash).

    That being said, I am more interested in the old lady. Despite what people are saying, I watch these videos to see women that REALLY love the cock and enjoy swallowing every drop of cum.

    Them doing the extra sucking, squeezing every drop out is a gigantic plus, as most girls Dave brings/hires simply don't do that.

    Does anyone know if the older one has anymore videos, or a proper name in the porn industry?

    1. tsokos

      Yeah gotta agree , Priscila is amazing , she's in my top 10 golden list . Probably even top 5 . Such enthusiasm and energy , a really easy going and funny girl .
      The scene where Loadman gives her a pearl necklace is gloryhole anthology . Great stuff .

    2. U

      I agree, Priscila is one my favorites, too.
      Too bad she never came back for seconds! Or thirds!

      And the women don't HAVE to pretty to make a memorable vid. I may not respond well to the old hag, but one of my other favorites, Quilla, is not not particularly attractive either, but there's just something about her approach to dicksucking that gets me.

  9. tyron

    It would be hot as fuck to "accidently" make that old hag pregnant, it turns me on alot to put a baby in an ugly girls womb.

  10. Dan

    I want to like this but just too painful to watch. The camera movements and Dave's god damn mouth kill every one of his sets.


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