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47 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow Hot New Ebony

    1. Lqa

      It did? (Checks Reddit). Dammit, it did!

      Well, good one Dave! Yet again you keep your fans from enjoying your product. Keep at it! Soon no one will know what GloryHoleSwallow is!

    1. no

      yes. hes been doing that a lot. hell post one scene at an outrageous price and the one scene on the main site. Typically the better scene is on c4s. members on his forum already complain about it. hes been asking people why they keep canceling. Im guessing $$ is catching up to him because he removed the 1 month subscription; you can only join at minimum for 3 months now.

      btw he also owns and operates spytug, thats why so many of the women (and the guys he uses) are the exact same. Most sites bundle their sites together. He doesnt. You pay for each site he operates (Chicasplace, GHS, SpyTug etc) separately. Most porn sites would bundle that. Long story short I think his sites must be starting to fail to bring in the cash with him resorting to putting the best stuff on C4S now (Libraian, Yoga Instructors GB creampie, PAWG creampie etc) He is also claining that if he does upload the other Claire vids he'd put it on c4s.

      Hes doing it for money but in reality itll cost him support. Theres WAY too much porn out there including gloryhole vids (GHsecrets, bambiblacks, amatuers) that uses very few or no professional talent that is arguably better and free to access

      1. MikeyP

        we on a porn site with all this hot tail and all u gay niggas keep talkn about is the camera guy smh

        join ghs and talk durect

        1. The wave

          I was a member and spoke to him and others directly. I did and he took the comments down. He's a bum and not accountable. As soon as I joined everything leaked. I told him we are entitled to refunds when the vids leak because he advertises them as exclusive guess he didn't like my comments.

      2. Klay Thompson

        lol been saying it for several months. Dave is going crazy and that site losing more and more members every cycle and probably on death bed. Him removing the 1 month $30 option just another in the saga of him alienating whatever members he got left. I think the turning point was the librarian update and when he started caring more about what the pirates think than his own members. And did stuff to punish members which includes the removal of several bonus videos as well as the C4S debacle.

        The librarian thing was so sad. Just because a couple people complained within the first hour of it being uploaded he removed it and iirc put it in the scrapbook after enough members complained in the morning/afternoon of the next day. But the damage was done and Dave started going people might hate this video (chick fat, has a mask, too much theater room, no black guys, no swallowing, etc) so to C4S it goes.

        I don't get why he keeps trying to erase the site off tubes all he doing is making it so less and less people aware it exists. This probably already happens with Cumclinic/Spytug. If not for the tubes I'd have never discovered the site. You don't see any other site hiding the names of women like he does when he be using porn stars like Chloe Temple which hilarious.

        1. Dirty Dave

          This really sucks, because it didn't have to be this way. He has a goldmine with his site, but just doesn't know how to run it. Nobody is going to pay an $80 subscription for porn. Especially when he's peddling scenes on C4S that are better than what's on the actual site at insane prices. This site is going to be dead faster than we thought. Once the subs completely dry out, he's gonna kill it and put everything on C4S. The end is near....

          1. josh

            and when that happens dave will put the blame on the "thieves that keep stealing his content", completely unwilling to admit that he is the one fucking up his own shit.

      3. Jon Smow

        If he did a bundle for $30/month, I wouldn't mind resubbing. One update a week just wasn't worth it... even more now with the $80 upfront costs. It's not rocket science. He's got a good product. That's why we're here. He just needs to look at what the other sites are doing.

  1. Javier

    Thank you, your are the best.
    One comment with the server, when I try to download the file with jdownloader, not this new, but yes the oldest, it show a connection problem. Just as a comment.
    Thank you again.

  2. J-Money

    I wish he could bring back that redhead Melissa from many ages ago. It's an older GHS video but she was one of the best girls they had. Dave always insists on bringing the same people that nobody seems to care about or newer people that aren't that good.

    1. Pekkapouta

      I miss her too the Melissa and mature sabrina from years ago and other mature women visits. Tabor and bj and Pamalas should come new visit they have the best creampie scenes. Anyone else remember pamalas horny mature? She took like 10 creampies in row so fast. I bet her pussy feels some special muscles or something

  3. Pekkapouta

    It is so sad if the ghs ends and dies some day because i like these so much ny favorite gloryholesite and the one at only like this personal style. I was member 2 times and sent so much video wishes to Dave and other email for future updates but he didnt even replied anything even he saw i am a member and pay for it . So strange and it sucks that you wont get any information and dont even bother respond to you. I just said many times that he should do 2 updates in week it cant be that hard and more more mature women and creampie fucking in these. Same in czech casting i have sent 20 emails wishes to see creampies during castings but they dont bother and keep doing facials. I want see CREAMPIES

    1. Klay Thompson

      Dave responded on his forum to the 2 updates a week saying. It two times the work and more videos for the pirates to leak so he will stick to 1 a week since releasing more would lower the quality of his site/videos.

      1. Gloryfan

        This guy gets it, it's a CUM SWALLOWING SITE, don't fucking complain about a lack of disgusting cream pies you idiots!

        We're there for horny sluts sucking dick and swallowing cum as if they actually like it. Jesus

  4. anon

    I personally dont like watching niggers in porn... especially when they have clown hair... glad i didnt pay for this bullshit... sounds like the prodcuer is a fukin tool bag... yea maybe im a little rasict but dont we all wake up in the morning and make a choice what color shirt, pants, iphone we want to buy and wear... pussy the same way...

      1. dumbobservation

        what he said was assinine, but youre reply thinking hes a trump supporter is just as assinine. race in politics is owned by the left so stfu/

    1. JohnDoeBitches

      Yeah not only are you a "little racist" prick but a little fuckin retarded too. Your mom woulda really made the world a better place by swallowing you.

    2. Klay a nigger

      niggers in porn are the worst. I dont get turned on by watching zoo videos on youtube and its the same with my porn. get them damn monkeys off the screen

    3. Gloryfan

      Dude it's 2020, what the fuck? They're just people dude, there's no difference, it's a person - like you a human - often with bigger dicks it's great, these tiny chicks working huge poles like nasty whores.

      Relax, take a break.

      You know what helps break down racism, hot chicks. Go look up hot black girls, they're out there and they're beautiful. Fucking chill out man.

        1. Not Dave

          Dave, is this you trolling the thread and Klay? I mean, his insight is spot-on, you clearly care WAAAAy too much about pirates than delivering a quality service to your members, so it’s not above you to sign on here and race-bait the one who speaks the truth. Frankly, I don’t think it’s beyond you and I suspect you’ll go even lower.


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