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26 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow Exotic Gloryhole Babe

  1. dope

    welcome back guys. as a revenge for GHS attack on your site. lets upload of their stuff? there are new girls im dying to see. man.
    anyways here's to your health. cheers!

    1. Gloryfan

      Is it confirmed that it was those guys doing it?

      The users of that site have Stockholm syndrome. He's clearly stopped being nice to the paying customers

      1. Klay Thompson

        Welcome back everyone thought this site was dead. And to answer you yea Dave was responsible. On the forum of GHS he celebrated this site going down saying one of the pains in his ass was finally done for good after speaking with his lawyers.

        lol Dave pirates always win. All he did was make his site not appealing to current members so they ending their subs at rapid pace. Now on his forum he asking why his members are leaving. Maybe deleting all those test videos, making videos C4S exclusive and only uploading 1 video a week for $30 why. Like I said before this place went down I give GHS like a year or two before it done for good.


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