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6 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow Linda 1st Visit

  1. frustrated

    Is this a Neanderthal? Why all the chicks from GHS are looking like discounted prostitutes?

    Why cant we have Jenni Jordan or Alex Grey to swallow 11 guys in a gloryhole?

  2. FF

    Right when I'm convinced I should subscribe, GHS puts out a string of trash updates and I change my mind. I know not everyone can be a winner but, damn, let's try to have ladies that are a 5 and above.

  3. Gloryfan

    This one is such a shame, I'm a sucker for a slut in a choker but she reverts to the hand only far too much.

    I wish Dave could get back some of the truly passionate whores, put them in a mask and collar. I'd resub so damn fast.


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