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20 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow Patricia (Victoria Brookes) 2nd Visit

  1. Kingy

    She was incredible again!! Thank you so much XD

    Do you have the girl who was posted the week before Patricia?

  2. Camille Pineda

    Excellent post! haha why is that the episode with latina creampie keep being skipped? been waiting for that one forever

  3. Joe

    Nice. Finally like the old days of getting the newest video within the 1st week it is released. This happens with pretty much every other pay site hopefully we are back to this for GH Swallow.

        1. josh

          you have a thing for Dave dont you? get the stuff he did with his wife so you could jerk off to his awesome white trash cock

  4. Jack Bronson

    These posts are fantastic. But is it me, or does it seem the most attractive (and wild) girls rarely get re-posted? For instance the brunette from May 4th 2018-vaporized? The fastest re-posts are always the least stunning and daring. Maybe the length of the videos?

    1. TheOneWhoKnocks

      The key is finding their names. If anyone with access to the site could post their name, we could find it.

      They're hiding in plain sight, which is why dave removed the names from the previews. We're basically trying to solve an equation with a missing part of it.

      Get the name of the girl from the 4th of may and we will find the video.

  5. Emmanuel

    I am anxious to see the latin girl of May 04 and see the other more recent please the latin girl and her friend living creampie playing in the theater room please if you follow that you are a national hero state unidence of porn

  6. Pekka

    I hope to see here more the creampie included bareback fucking creampie updates. I love gloryhole creampies and sabina the milf mature is best

  7. josh

    dave claims this girl is top rated but i call it bullshit. she has no energy, cant suck properly and has no enthusiasm at all... pass.

    1. MikeyP

      The last time I was a member there was a "Most Popular" filter so that might be what he goes by. She okay but nothing to write home about. I'd let her blow me.


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