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24 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow Patricia 1st Visit

    1. Jack

      You are gonna be waiting a while for that video. Only 5 new videos got put on torrents/elsewhere and that wasn't one of them. Unless someone else sacrifices themselves by paying and uploading we are in for another drought after these 5 videos migrate over here.

    1. Chockos

      Lol..... who are they , Dave's cheerleaders ?
      They call these people informants and they are the scum of the earth .

    1. John Anderson

      I joyously agree he's a weirdo creep w/ a hidden foot fetish he always has the camera pointing to the dirty ass soles of the bitches feet & i think he's bisexual something just off about that guy

      1. Magueule

        And as always, the thing he's incredibly interested to, is to know if the girl has ever seen a black cock... o_O

    1. Joe

      So is it true the owner of GHS sues the people who upload the videos? What has been the end result of those people that got sued? Did they actually have to pay thousands for uploading?


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