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25 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow Kasandra 2nd Visit

  1. Jack

    Nice. I have a feeling even more is coming I have seen Patricia's 1st, Hunters 1st, and many others elsewhere.

        1. Jeremy

          I could care less about downloading just glad that there is now a site that has some of the newer videos in full which is all I need

  2. Chockos

    After a so so first appearance , her return is great . She is very sexy in this new video . An unexpected turnaround of events .

    Thanx for the upload !!!!

  3. Josh

    Laughing at many of the comments here. 'Dave' is the consummate creep and adds nothing intelligent to the conversation. His constant mis-handling of the camera adds nothing to videography overall. Excellent subject matter that is continually produced by the wrong people. Self absorbed narcissists need not apply IMO.


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