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28 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow Penny 2nd Visit

  1. Jack

    Glad there is another Gloryholeswallow upload but why haven't Spytug and Cumclinic videos been uploaded as often as GHS videos?

      1. JP

        After reading the comments Dave has been leaving on the forum, I'm not willing to take that risk lol. More power to the ones that do. I've been a member before, it seemed like the time to join again. I def dont regret it. I'm not saying I will continue to do so but for right now, I'm getting my money's worth.

        1. josh

          at this point i wonder how mad Dave is for seeing his stuff still being shared all around, in spite of all his tryhard attempts to avoid so. poor Dave.

    1. lovegirlswhoswallow

      Thank you so much, Admin for making the video available again! You're a legend!
      Just love how she swallowed down those big nigga loads. Yummy!


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