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65 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow Kasandra 1st Visit

  1. Jeff

    Glad another GH Swallow video has been uploaded. You can't keep the people who pay for porn and share it down forever. They always find a way to share it.

  2. U

    She's got a pretty face - but ugly tattoos and nails --
    and she doesn't look very comfortable swallowing cum, which is a turn-off.

    BTW: admin, can't you get these vids
    in better image quality?

  3. Magueule

    I don't understand the camera guy,
    in every video, the only thing he's interested to, is to know if the girl has ever seen a black cock...
    have you ever seen a black cock? is it the first time you see a black cock? did you ever suck a black cock? how does it feel to suck a black cock?
    very disturbing... o_O

    I'm waiting for the black girl, to see if he'll ask her if she has ever seen a white cock before...

    1. Viktor

      Dude's a pervert... that voice of his.
      He should also film more of the girls ass when she's kneeling + also let the chick drain him as the last donor.
      Seems he's most likely preparing to be the star of the GHS series himself.

      Nonetheless I'm thankful for the episodes with Joanie and some hot others.

  4. Paul

    God, I'm attracted to this material until the cameraman reveals himself and opens his mouth. Modus Operandi is nearly identical across all GH porn sites. Narcissistic gay males mishandling the camera while they try to tell seasoned female cocksuckers how to suck cock.

    Makes me want to break into the room, shoot the cameraman in the head, drag his corpse to the street for garbage pickup. Set up the camera, instruct the woman that she is to never look and the camera and interact with her client only, then I leave the room to monitor the action from another location.

    1. AznChkLover

      Exactly what Mikey said. I'm guessing it's also a narcissistic gay male mishandling the keyboard who complain so much.

      Admin - thank you. I hope you've got access to the rest of the updates. Chance you might post in some order again? Also, any chance of getting the interview vids?

      April 20 - I think it's Kyla, from BRCC, 03-NOV-2014. I looked and she's not listed on that site any more but I can post screens if anyone's interested.

      April 13 - trying to figure out who she is. Before seeing larger images I thought it might be Michelle C

      March 16

      April 06

      March 30

      March 23

      April 27

      May 04

      As always, thanks.

    2. Jake


      I agree - this stuff has to get better at some point. Funny how some people support this crap. Pretty suspicious IDs in my estimation. Love the theme but don't understand how people can get off to this with the cameraman present? Even the women agree that he's a turd; just watch their expressions and responses. The only 'people'(?) supporting the cameraman are questionable internet IDs on boards like this.

      Thinking you nailed it when you implied that MikeyP may very well be 'Dave'. Saw his (Dave) image (booking photo) posted over at Spankbang some time back - a real creep.

      1. MikeyP

        Having a conversation with yourself again?

        Be thankful for the GHS videos otherwise you’d have nothing to obsess over.

      2. rucky

        Lol one of the reasons why GHS kept getting girls are because that Dave dude know how to made these girls feel comfortable. so you're way off base here. go watch gloryholesecrets if you want to see what real creep looked like. there's a reason why they're only using pornstars

        1. Paul


          Not true at all. These gals are desperate for coin - period. They tolerate MikeyP/Dave only for that reason. Not hard to see that the women see this creep for what he is. I've never seen Aziani's face but have seen images of his wife Rachel.

  5. Paul


    The setup is completely fucked as long as you're in the booth. Not all of us are faggots - freaks - retards. No one cares for or wants to hear what you have to say. Posting on a porn board under an alias is too obvious.

    Waving the camera around really fucks things up to. Just set the camera on a stand, shut up and walk into another room. Let the woman suck cock and swallow as she sees fit. Thanks.

  6. Don

    Yes! Thanks very much for this and any other GHS videos you may have- some of the new ones look good

  7. josh

    good to see another user decided to ignore all those sue warnings and uploaded this video anyway. Cmon peeps, we gotta find a way to break their security, its like people say, theres no system 100% secure.

    1. AznChkLover

      There's not even a system here. What GHS claims to be doing is called steganography. It's not hard to do but to do it in real time requires TONS of processing power. Remember, people stream it and save as well as download. His host is You can contact them at 1 888 345 6656. They don't provide the service.

      He's bullshitting claiming that the files are encoded by individual downloader, he's bullshitting that they are traceable, and his bullshit is working to scare people.

      1. MikeyP

        If you really believe that then buy a membership and share all the new ones we want to see, otherwise stfu!

        1. AznChkLover

          Hand me the money and I will. Shit, go out and get a disposable VISA card and do it yourself. I come here because I'm cheap, just like you. Otherwise you'd do it yourself - whether or not you shared them.

          STFU - wow. Takes a real man to insinuate being so tough online. Part of that rough tough creampuff gang I guess.

          1. MikeyP

            You’re rehashing the same stuff each time so it’s time to step up and prove you’re theory otherwise you’re just guessing and leading others into trouble. I’ve joined the site several times already because the videos are no longer available anywhere quickly and I’m impatient when I see an interesting video.

            I don’t have a problem sharing the wealth but I do have a problem with getting sued.

            All I’m saying is if you’re so sure this is all a bluff then man up and prove it. I’ll humbly apologize and you’ll be a rockstar on here if you contribute all the latest ones.

        2. Reg

          LOL!!! It's bullshit Dave. All you have to do is re-encode the original file through an app like Smart Converter. It will strip the members username from the file ID. I've done it myself and shared lots of your stuff. Maybe I will re-join and share all the new stuff just for spite.

        3. josh

          if only he knew what happened to the last 3 or 4 guys who shared ghs vids... good thing theres some unaware fellas willing to take the risk for us all.

          1. AznChkLover

            Really? The last 3 or 4 that shared ghs vids? Did they get sued? Did he call Bruno and have 'em capped?

            The guy is bullshitting. Someone want to hand me the money to join I'll join and post. Easy as that. Or, if you really believe that he will sue you, join using a prepaid card and download from a Starbucks. Can't trace the prepaid card and he can't trace your IP / ISP login via Starbucks.

            None of you are doing that because, like me, no one wants to pay for porn. It's why we come here.

        4. AznChkLover

          I'm not sure if you don't read or don't know how.

          As noted below, the guy is bullshitting. I have no need to man up. That might work on someone with an ego or self worth problem; I don't have either of those issues. As already mentioned, if you want to hand me the money to join I'll join and post. Easy as that. Or, if you really believe that he will sue you, join using a prepaid card and download from a Starbucks. Can't trace the prepaid card and he can't trace your IP / ISP login via Starbucks.

          You and no one else are doing that because, like me, no one wants to pay for porn. Or, YOU could man up and provide the funds. I already gave you my offer - you pay for it, I'll do the legwork.

          1. MikeyP

            I dont’t think it’s a good idea to give Dave ideas how to tighten up security.

            A few guys on here were asking for certain girls by name who have’nt been added anywhere yet and now that’s not even available to search.

      2. rucky

        encoding the downloader's username on the video doesnt require that much processing power. If he's bullshitting then nobody should be getting sued right now. you realized someone is actually getting sued right? it's not just a warning or shit like that. he even have a list of people who leaked the video posted on the site

        1. AznChkLover

          He has a list of the people who've leaked videos posted on the site? So you have a membership and have seen it? Care to share the list? Or, better, do the actual work and find where the suits have been filed. Because if you can't do that, you're bullshitting. Maybe you're Dave. Hummm....

          Uniquely encoding each video by downloader doesn't require much processing power? Really? Maybe you can tell us more about how it works then. Or are you talking out your ass about something you know nothing about? Maybe you can call the host (I posted the info above) and ask them if they offer the service (it's called steganography) and find out that they don't.

          Geezus people - someone want to pay for the membership I'll join, download, and post. Oh, and my email here doesn't tie to me; the IP address I'm posting from is a Starbucks. I don't check the email from my phone or home and I don't visit this site from anywhere other than a few public places.

          1. rucky

            Okay you guys need to stop listening to this dumbass. you clearly have no idea what's going on. stop being so desperate & listen for once. i don't have an account there but bunch of people at empornium does & they are getting sued for sharing the files. it's not a fucking scare tactic. go see there for yourself if you have access. there's already a way to beat the code inside the video by using ffmpeg but the problem is there's even a signature even on the video itself. so yeah they can trace the downloader even if you record it using a screen capture. the only way to bypass it is to use a burner card which nobody tried yet

        2. AznChkLover

          So Rucky - still trying to pass off your bs as fact? You got caught in a lie and need to find a way out of it. So YOU didn't see the claimed list of people being sued, but other anonymous people on empornium have said it's there. OK. Yeah. You claimed that the site had posted names of people getting sued. So provide all of that info and it can be confirmed. Otherwise you're just continuing to bullshit.

          Nobody here is going to use a burner card because no one here, including myself, wants to spend money on porn.

          I've made the offer - one of you pay for it, I'll download and share it. I'll even take Starbucks gift cards. I can transfer the funds from the card and security numbers. Like MikeyP said - man up and provide the info or the money to join. I'll do the legwork either way.

  8. Chockos

    Good looking girl with a nice body destroyed by idiotic tatoos . Also she's not fond of sperm , she doesn't enjoy it and it shows .
    Overall a mediocre showing , she is no memorable at all .

    Thanx for the upload though !!

    1. U

      Yeah, her tattoos are just awful - ditto her nails.
      But nice face and tits.
      And yeah, a major turn-off that she obviously doesn't like cum.

  9. dope

    hey guys, just checking in. its been awhile since we saw a new GHS video uploaded.... you guys alright? you all are alive right? peace!


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