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74 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow Jessi 1st Visit

  1. Don

    Yes- RIP for sure- we should not be seeing this video in honour of her passing ...
    I've still NOT seen this nor will I out of respect for her

  2. Trent

    Site Description:

    "Some of you who have been around here for awhile might remember Jessi. She was one of the most amazing cocksuckers I've seen and going to the Gloryhole to blow strangers was at the top of her bucket list. This chick craved cock like you wouldn't believe. She explains some of her adventures before the feeding frenzy begins.

    I told this story before and I may have discussed it in a Forum thread but I'll rehash it here.

    After this visit she couldn't wait to watch the video. I mean, she was blowing my phone up each day because she wanted to come back for more but knew you guys had to approve her first. This visit was in the update queue to be posted and when it finally went up I sent her a text to let her know. I didn't get a reply so I kept trying. I even called her a few times to let her know but I kept getting voicemail. A few weeks later I got an email from her ex-b/f who dropped a bomb on me by letting me know that she had a seizure in the shower that killed her. He told me how much she loved this experience but he wasn't sure how her family would react and she wasn't around to defend her actions. So, out of respect for her family I removed the video.

    A few weeks ago me and a buddy were talking about all these celebrities dying lately and for some reason it made me think or Jessi. I told him the story and he asked me why I would remove something she loved doing and was amazing at when no one removes movies or music after actors or musicians pass so how is this any different. He made a valid point.

    This was something she loved doing and she would have returned many times so why not keep her memory alive and remember her when she was doing something she loved. I think she would want to be remembered this way and when you watch this video you'll see what I mean. In her honor, I remastered this video to the best of my abilities and she looks amazing!"

    1. Rob

      What a load of shit. Not one good camera shot anywhere because the cameraman wants to suck the cocks more than the women do.

  3. Patrick Bateman

    I don't have an issue with this being posted. Her dying makes it a bit creepy, but this was what she wanted - guys to watch this and get off. I'm sure she signed a consent or release form that the guy has. The only unfortunate thing is that she died.

  4. Jordan

    what happened to yana's second visit? i honestly cannot find the video anywhere at all..was it ever even released?

  5. Jordan

    very weird..I can't find any new updates anywhere online since yana's second visit. anyone have any idea what's going on?

  6. Anon

    There is NOTHING on the Internet regarding Yana's 2nd visit or Dede's 1st, except the official website's update.

    We're missing 2 updates

    This update along with Nora took a while to be published
    It's Sunday, every Thursday GHS posts an update
    That means it's been (2?) weeks since Yana's visit
    google either Yana or Dede and you'll find nothing.
    No idea what's going on but no porn site or torrent site is hosting the files. So they're unavailable until somebody either uploads one to spankbang or xvideos randomly, or an openload link to
    this site, took forever to get Ashley B's visit I remember
    Could be hours, days..weeks..months, who knows? Depends when somebody uploads the Content

    1. Jordan

      that's weird though because week in week out, anyone could access the files to every new update but now all of a sudden everyone's coincidentally stopped uploading? come you said it's been 2 weeks since yana's visit and there's absolutely nothing online. I've honestly never seen something like this happen before.

      1. Trent

        I couldn't wait so I rejoined. I don't mind paying because I've love their movies but I lost my job recently so I don't really have the extra cash.

        According to their Forum they have some new security for login and on the videos so we may not see more free ones around.

        If the videos are being tracked then members won't take the chance of getting caught. The copyright thing looks pretty serious.

        1. Anon

          Even if it's just once, I want to see the video
          Or a new video

          Gloryhole secrets and Gloryhole voyuer doesn't have this problem

          Nor does money talks (rip to the old money talks replaced by just more sex scenes) and bangbros

          We get TONS of porn daily on the Internet from millions of websites

          So why just this one?
          It's been 3 weeks

          It's not happening
          And it's a Damn shame because we all liked Gloryholeswallow

          But clearly the cameraman/owner is just a prick who cares about $$$ rafher then free distribution and yes it's a business but c'mon.

          RIP 2010-2017

          1. Jordan

            noooooooo 🙁 and just as soon as the really attractive girls with wicked bodies start coming through this shit happens. sigh...well i'll just hope for the best in spite of things, worst case scenario ill just get a membership myself.

          2. Trent

            Yes, nothing beats "free" but isn't the owner of this site making money off these videos somehow? I can't imagine him doing all this for free.

          3. Anon

            Have you seen the prices for the site?

            $30 a month the guy wants.

            $80 for 3 months

            And a whopping $150 for 6 months!

            The guy deserves to be pirated.

            Seriously I used to be a huge fan of the site until all this
            It seems he also removed the "login" thing so you can't even fake login into the site now..

            I hope somebody pirates all these updates because $30 is just ridiculous..what a dickhead
            I know its a business and he's making money
            But there's a line between making money And highway robbery.

            Millions of other sites charge less and stream their videos with no problem
            Like brazzers or bang-bros

            This is just foul, plain and simple.

      1. Trent

        Huh? What's "he also removed the "login" thing so you can't even fake login into the site now".

        How do can someone "fake" login to a site?

        I read something on her about a login code but I didn't have to do that. I logged right in.

        I don't usually mind paying but I'm so freaking broke right now. I can find some of their videos on tubes but the compression is bad. Me likes the detail 😉

        1. Anon

          By fake login,
          I mean find somebody's account online leaked on a site And attempt to login

          He removed the login thing now so once you login
          You're logged in for good I assume
          I dunno I couldn't find the login button to try so.

          Praying somebody uploads the updates somewhere on the Internet
          But im not holding my breath

          I really love GHS, I just can't stand the direction it's heading

          1. Trent

            That's interesting. The login is the "Members Enter" button. I'm not sure if that's what you mean but that's what I use to get inside.

  7. GloryholeFan

    I wish the price was a bit cheaper, cause I'd consider paying, it's the best by far.
    (He needs to get a Gear VR camera too!)

    If the owner is making better security on the files, the smart thing for a ripper to do is download the file and re-encode it with another codec, it'll probably strip out whatever he's added. But it's likely a scare tactic, it's very very unlikely the files are encoded with an individual identifier PER VIDEO - bullshit........

    P.S Gloryhole dude, bring back Parker, Marcela and Priscilla, seriously............. ASAP

    1. Anon

      The girls coming back or not are decided by the members
      Not him, and whether or not they want to do another video.

      And if what you say is true
      Then man this guy is an asshole

      1. GloryholeFan

        You can't blame the guy, he's running a business and we're stealing his content.

        I just wish it was a bit cheaper.

    1. Anon

      Nobody, since its never been uploaded yet to ANY site.

      And douchebag owner of the site won't allow anybody to

  8. Jimmy hanks

    Yup, he's removed all the names now and you can't even search the site by girl anymore.

    Sorry dude, not paying 30 for 4 videos a month when most of them are shit

    And the most requested suggestion he gets is 2 updates a week, but he never listens. He's a prick

  9. Johnny

    You are right "GloryholeFan". Since "Yana second visit" there were no updates anymore on this website and any other website. Is there maby a chance that somebody can do something about it ?

  10. Jackdole

    The newest video is Genna 2nd visit

    But who cares we won't be able to see it

    If anybody can find any other videos she did or her name , that'd be amazing

    I really like Genna and this has me depressed,
    Ugh fuck the admin of that site

    Dickbag won't even show the name of the sets now!!!

    Seriously, I hope he goes broke!

    I really really really wanted to see her again...
    Fucking greedy asshat

  11. Jimmy hanks

    If you notice he's very thin skinned and takes any criticism badly

    When I was a member the videos had 10* rating, but when terrible updates kept getting 2* he removed it. Then it was only 5* rating, but he stopped guests from seeing the ratings cause the videos were getting crap ratings

    Now he hides everything from non members to trick you into paying for meth heads doing gloryholes

  12. Jordan

    I understand that he wants to protect his business by all means, but to deliberately hide the names of the models is such a fucking douche move. Like seriously, I don't even think that he even listens to the members requests at all.

    Who is suggesting to bring in these ugly overweight skin sagging women? Bring in the young hotties like courtney, freda, elli and all of them.

    They have such cute faces and banging bodies with more of a willing to actually enjoy the experience. The site has gone downhill.

    But look on the bright side, at least we can enjoy gloryhole secrets with the ratio of 1 in 5 girls that actually look half decent and not make a fucking mess everywhere.

  13. Joe

    This guy is just going to destroy himself.
    No wonder why he likes seeing other guys screw the girl

    At least the guy at Gloryholesecrets and Voyeurs have the courage to participate.and fuck the girl when things get really hot
    This guy is a fucking skinny nerd with a tiny Dick and tons of insecurities it seems like,

    Fuck the site and fuck that douche-canoe

    If he at least lowered the price maybe more people would be more accepting but $30+?
    Fuck that.
    Nobody unless they have money to blow is going to spend that much.

    He even restorted to using pornstars at one point for those unaware.

    Like proxy Paige and several others.

    I hope the site goes bankrupt

  14. GloryholeFan

    I like the messy older women, I think his selection of girls is 10x better than the ones from gloryholesecrets. I don't wanna see porn stars, I wanna see girlfriends, wives, random slutty girls out there doing this for money.

    I don't blame him for trying to protect his business, I do think taking the girls names away is kinda dumb, because it might help him get more people driven to the site if they see a pirated version.

    I also don't like the 60fps thing, the files are fucking huge.

    I actually wanted access to the site, purely to post on the forums and say
    BRING BACK THE ENTHISIASTIC GIRLS. I don't mind if they aren't super hot, it's the enthusiasm. Parker, Priscilla, Kim, Marcela, Zuri, Kimberly, Hope, Lola, Heather (!!!)- these are the great ones.

    Don't quote me, but I think the guy who runs it, is the guy who is married to Chica from Chicas place or he's knows her at least.

    1. GloryholeFan

      I just found a 2011 video of Chica from Chicas place where he's set it up as if she's at a glory holy but she's just blowing her regular dude.

      Definitely the same guy, same voice etc. I guess she trusts her man not to fuck the product! Cause he films a lot of this stuff.

      So it's definitely the husband of her.

    2. Trent

      I kind of thought the same thing. He's just protecting his work but people get mad at him for it. Like a robber getting mad because people lock their doors.

  15. Rivend Rahl

    Some one needs to start a "go fund me" page of something similar ... this way we can all pay a little amount (2 dollars) and then that someone can use the money to buy a subscription and then post the videos for us ... 2 dollars is a lot more affordable than 30 ... I will do it if I get a little support from you guys

  16. Rivend Rahl

    OK guys ... The page is made ... as soon as I make 30USD (45AUD) I will become a member and upload all videos (after Jessi's) and any video the site you request ... The page is ... I am not here to scam this is legit ... lets share the love for GHSwallow and yet ignore the douche's overpricing 😀

    1. Stryker

      Hope you are aware that once you upload the video the site owner will know who you are. Theses vidoe are with fingerprint. Dangerous.

  17. Tipper

    Btw, you can get the set name from the preview pictures' urls, like:

      1. GloryholeFan

        Download it with a VPN
        Edit the file with a video editor, cut 1 second from the front, 1 second from the back.
        Use Handbrake to re-encode the file to the same resolution, different bitrate.

        He'll be unable to track it at all.

    1. GloryholeFan

      P.S Gloryhole dude, you've probably found this thread, I'm willing to pay if you drop $10 off the monthly price.
      or bring back the girls I requested earlier 🙂

      1. Teebo

        If he does see it
        Then he should know what a prick he is
        We weren't hurting his business
        We if anything brought him more customers.

        But he should lower the price as well,

        He also had preview trailers but got rid of those as well..


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