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21 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow Nicolette 1st Visit

  1. Larry

    I come here to read the comments when I need a good laugh. These women taking money from a faggot so he can put a camera in their faces and tell them how to suck the faggot cocks present - pathetic. Sad as this is as good as it gets at the moment. Some of the amateur hetro GH material is trying to hit the target but no one has nailed it just yet IMO.

    1. MikeyP

      It sounds like an opportunity for you to break into the market and do it right. What are you waiting for?

      Or do you just prefer to be the Monday morning quarterback hoping these sites will change just for you. If you think others feel the same as you then why are the GHS videos so popular and in such high demand?

      His videos are the best thing about this site and you're the worst thing about this site. You'r'e like a buzzard waiting to put in your same 2 cents on every single video that gets displayed.

      I can't understand why the admin hasn't banned you already.

      Make some videos to share here or shut the fuck up twink.

      1. Nuck

        Whoever it is that keeps making those comments actually doesn't comment on every video. They only appear on the gloryholeswallow videos. I bet it is because GH Swallow videos get the most positive comments so the user can be engaged in the trolling. I noticed they were nowhere to be found during the GH Swallow upload drought. Now that GH Swallow is back to being uploaded again the comments are back.

        Anyway it is nice that these videos are being uploaded. I hope is goes back to being uploaded weekly and there isn't another drought after this bunch is uploaded.

        1. MikeyP

          The only nice thing about the drought is not hearing from the master troll.

          I bet he'd worship Dave's cock if he could.

        2. jose

          videos wont be shared weekly. GHS tracks down the original downloader by using DIVX technology so each video is watermarked, getting the downloader banned and threatened of prosecution. The last one who did this, shared all videos dating back to december 2017 and received emails and letters of the 'crime' he's done. GHS has been doing this for the past year or so but no one knows if they're actually sueing downloaders.

  2. Fuck Dave

    I think the owner of the site is the one trolling the camera man. It would make sense with the rivalry and is actually pretty funny lol

    1. Kal

      after seeing boat loads of this kind of stuff---- It's difficult not to wonder what lurks in the minds of any innocent looking woman you meet these days.

  3. dope

    anyways dont mind the negative comments. we true enthusiast are right at it. thankx for the repost of the downloadable link. you sir deserve a medal of honor. that much is my candor.

  4. Kal

    I have been fascinated for quite awhile how these chicks can just go in there suck and swallow some (mostly) fat dorks who I'll bet dont have very good hygiene and do it for over an hour at times..
    I know some of em get excited about the whole idea but holy hell-- all that for 700 or so $?
    they could make more blowin ppl for 50$ a pop during the week.
    surprising how many women are into this.


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