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40 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow Lauren 1st Visit

  1. Jake

    Lauren is a nice looking gal but we'll never know if this is the same old shit with the moronic cameraman in the booth, running his mouth while he waves the camera all over the place. Already pulled down apparently and not finding the free copies in the usual places.

      1. Jake handling is crap with all of the movement, proximity, etc. Cameraman present giving instructions completely kills the mood - these gals know how to suck a cock - they don't need a faggot in the booth to give them pointers.

        I want to see the woman suck the cock, swallow and interact with her client. I'm not the least bit interested in sucking cock, much less along side of someone (woman). I know I'm the odd person out here but I'm being given the opportunity to vent. Pornhub shadow bans while everyone else outright bans for complaining, calling it 'trolling'.

        1. MikeyP

          Everyone has an opinion. The question we're all wondering is why do you always feel the need to express the exact same opinion on just these videos and no other videos uploaded here.

          Do you do realize that 99% of all porn has a camera guy who moves the camera around and changes proximity? I'm sure you do so it's clearly something much deeper and personal with these videos and your focus is always on the camera guy sucking cock. Try watching one and focus on the girl sucking cocks instead of fantasizing about Dave's cock to see how that goes. You might start seeing what the rest of us have already discovered long ago.

        2. Johnny

          Jake - Alot of people agree with you (and others who tell the truth here), most just don't comment - often not worth it. This stuff is geared towards cucks, faggots, retards and dysfunctional adolescents - just accept it and view from a distance.

          Like you, I want to see intelligent porn geared toward hetrosexual adults. Unfortunately, it's the other clowns who are buying this stuff and paying the bills as a result. We both know the demographic makeup and educational levels of the porn industry overall - all clearly reflected in the gloryhole genre. Hoping one day we'll get what we want.

    1. AsianLover

      You seem to post on all the GHS vids but don't like them. Why do you bother? Yes, it's the same stuff. And most of us like the D/s factor of these. If you don't, look for something else. This is the only series of the genre where these sluts are actually doing a half-dozen or more guys per scene. The porta and secrets crap are between 2 and 5 guys.

      This guy's site is doing well so he's not likely to change it to suit your tastes. Best option for you is to find something else.

      Don't go away mad. Just go away.

      1. MikeyP

        Amen brother! That guy is annoying as fuck. He never makes comments on any other videos posted yet every porn video has at least one camera guy in it. That’s how porn is produced!

        For whatever reason he’s obsessed with this camera guy. He’s in a small box with the girl so how could he not be close to the action. I like a variety of close and wide shots.

        These are the best videos around and that’s why we are all here. Just compare the views to the other uploads. All the other gloryhole sites use pro’s and that kills it for me. I can’t get into fake booths with pro performers. Some are okay but most are trash.

        I will say that secrets got alot more annoying when they added 2-3 guys behind the camera talking over each other and the girls.

        1. Chockos

          GHswallow is wayyyyy better than those idiots at GhSecrets that even after all these years they don't understand how to number the cumshots and they can't properly film the action . If you add the fact that lately there's a lot people in the stage and you can't concentrate on the girl .
          Ghswallow is king in what it does and Lauren is easily one of the best updates lately , hope to see more of her .

  2. Hugo

    Does anyone know what happened to detra at the end of her second vid they agreed to a third for fucking and it's been like 27 vids since and nothing

  3. AsianLover

    Thank you. She's cute and it appears from her look she's also a milf. Looking forward to others from GHS.

    Dying to see the scenes from:

    Nov 24, 2017
    Dec 01, 2017
    ABSOLUTELY WANT Dec 08, 2017
    Jan 19, 2018
    Jan 26, 2018

    and wouldn't mind
    Dec 29, 2017

    Hoping you don't put them all up at once as they get taken down too quickly. 2 or 3 a week allows people to grab them.

  4. Hey Man

    hey..all of you..shut. the . fuck. up.. they will be upload when the admin has them... simple as that u fuckin weirdos

  5. GHS_Lauren

    Hey JAKE,

    Hi nice to meet you, I'm Lauren!

    I bet you probably look super cute huh, when your all frustrated, sitting there, with porn probably playing in the background, just pecking away madly on your keyboard, typing out your objections in "opinion format" making sure to get a rise out of at least 1 person who's reading your comments.

    I could care less what your beef is with GHS personally or even your views on how you feel about the cameraman or how sucky you think the girls are at sucking dick.


    The day you see me sucking dick and eating crayons at the same time swallowing a load of jizz will then be the day I would allow you to call me a retard or what I do is retarded and everything is sucky and stupid and totally retardation name calling worthy.

    So until that day comes....please!

    Shut up!

    1. John

      Lauren, if that's really you, you need to get in touch with Dave and get your ass to the theater room for a gangrape ASAP.

  6. John

    Lauren, if that's really you, you need to get in touch with Dave and get your ass to the theater room for a gangrape ASAP.

  7. GHS_Lauren


    I lost his direct contact info, I'll try to reconnect with him through the main site. My number changed let him know.

  8. Jim

    Lauren, I thought your video was hot. You're a beautiful girl. Have you done any other videos? What's your full porn name?


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