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28 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow Danika 3rd Visit

  1. djmanuelo

    wao this girl is a fury made woman I would like to see your fourth visit thank you very much administrator for uploading this third visit if it is not too much to ask I would like it to go up the third visit of jordan

  2. AznPersuazn

    I swear if you upload Jordan’s 3rd visit from recently I will love you forever.

    I’m seriously considering subscribing to GHS just to see that video.

    You are a gentleman and a scholar!

  3. Deck

    ty already saw this a week ago and seen some others that were on another site but the guy got shut down.. the vids were up for about 3 days till it got taken down but the vids were crap as in action wise just dick sucking no booth fucking or theatre

    1. Jake

      We're not missing anything, at least I'm not. 'Dave' is so close to pushing the women out of the way so he can suck and fuck the men present it's palpable. One day, we'll be looking around for his material and it will be pulled and replaced with 'Dave's Salute to the Village People!' 'See you at the YMCA!"

  4. MikeyP

    Can we see some new videos? Anything! The worst thing about GHS videos being uploaded here is no others get uploaded for an entire week. ?

  5. Gary

    Feels like im soul connected with her. For some reason i can relate with every Tattoo. Some weird Butterflyeffect going on here.
    I would like to know her full name.

    Btw im from Kazakhstan.


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