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27 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow Gloria 1st Visit

  1. Frugal Fapper

    Nice. Now get the other two creampie ones that released since November and I dont have to rejoin GHS to attain them lol

  2. the donald

    This girl was incredibly boring. Meh.

    But hat tip to the dude that nutted in her three times in a row. Those dick pills must be working like a champ!

  3. OlivierStreet

    I didn't enjoy this as much & I don't think she did either. Looked like she was just going through the motions. Rather stay home lady.

  4. Mike

    You mean this stuff hasn't creeped everyone out yet? It's clear what Dave's about with his retarded monkey camera handling and is mostly entirely too close with the camera. It's bad enough that he's even in the booth but then he opens his mouth. Having said all of that, I truly appreciate these uploads as I keep hoping this stuff will get better at some point.

  5. Jay

    I began to jerk off to this video, gently cradling my penis in my hand and stroking it in a diagonal, twisting motion. Then I realized that the quality of this video sadly doesn't break any new ground in the genre, but rather repeats many of the mistakes I've come to expect. Foremost among these, the video shows a chick sucking cock, when what we'd all prefer to see (especially Mike) is the cameraman moving her out of the way and gobbling up all that broadsausage for himself. Let's hope the genre will finally begin to take such considerations into account.

  6. rucky

    Can you guys reupload this on openload? old one got deleted. im trying to download this for backup purposes & it doesnt work for

  7. Eduardo

    This girl wasn't good. First time or not she looked like she wanted to cry the whole time or she was cool with sucking as much dick as possible for some fast cash. Her pussy looked saggy and her body wasn't the best Danika was the best by far. I was gonna jack off to this but the woman looked super old and her feet were crusty. It was obvious she was bout to puke with that facial. Leave it to the pros. She's boring. Her personality is dead.


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