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3 thoughts on “Gloryhole Secrets Avi Love 1st Visit

  1. MikeyP

    It's hard getting into these videos with the morons blabbering away asking questions like it's the first time they ever talked to a female. One idiot was bad enough so why add several more?

    She has a cute face and a hot body but judging by the herpes scars on her belly it's obvious she's done way too much porn.

      1. David

        A sad fact in porn is when someone gives an honest opinion that isn't popular they are labeled a troll. I'm always looking for new GH porn but can't get over just how bad this shit consistently is. Gay/cuckold porn with a paid female actor present at best. I just want to see honest female cocksuckers without camera gymnastics and cameramen present who think people actually want to listen to their mindless banter while they maneuver to suck the cocks themselves.


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