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7 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow Tally 1st Visit

  1. Kal

    Did I hear that correctly?
    "I dont like to sleep around"???

    But she sucks off a bunch of dudes in an hour.....
    I thought i knew women.. guess not

  2. Connor

    Like many, I love the amateurs the best - can only imagine what Tally actually does for a living. I keep trying to get into this but the idea of a grunting retard in the booth with the women holding a camera kills this dead. 'Dave' clearly wants to suck the cocks as much or more than the women do. I've seen a photo of 'Dave' - super creepy. All of the camera movement has to go too. Just suck the cocks and swallow - not interested in the contents of their mouths. Who thought of this stuff?

      1. Connor

        You don't know what semen looks like? 'Dave' mostly gets entirely too close with the camera - can really see and smell those dicks good! 'Dave' is probably drooling at this point. Too obvious what 'Dave' is about or he wouldn't even be in there. Whatever works for you guys - I'm just looking for gloryhole material aimed at hetro men and not this gay/cuckold trash.

        1. J

          You already admitted to getting your dick sucked by a guy in another comment, dude. We all know you're some kind of creepy faggot-in-denial.


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