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8 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow Ora 2nd Visit with Yvett

  1. John Anderson

    Thanks man you've been so clutch & persistent with the uploads as
    of late would it be too much ask you to post Janae's 2nd visit

  2. Jim Stevenson

    Yo you the mvp but may I ask if you could upload the cousins 2nd vid. I think there names are Rae and Kalani. If you can't its fine but I would really appreciate it.

  3. Dan

    Kinda difficult to watch when there's a bald headed retarded queer cameraman in the room distracting the women from what they do best.

    1. AsianLover

      Then don't watch it. There is a LOT of other stuff out there. There are also a lot of us who LIKE the genre - the control, the depersonalizing it, the slut training aspects.

      If having someone else in the room bothers you so much, why do you watch it? You complain with every one of this series.

  4. AsianLover

    THANKS!! I ask all the time about updates from GHS and you were able to come through. Ora is a fucking little hottie and I'm glad you were able to post her stuff.

    Greatly appreciated. I suspect you'll get the comments about the camera or questioning the genre, but a bunch of us like the control aspect of it.

    Hope you're enjoying the holiday season.

  5. Gloryhole

    Hello people, the last three updates from "gloryholeswallow"

    are the girls:
    Pamala with francesca

    If someone can maby upload those three new updates, that would be amazing!


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