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8 thoughts on “Gloryhole Secrets Tiffany B 2nd Visit

  1. Connor

    Anyone else notice that EVERY clip filmed in this genre do so from the point of view of a man wanting to suck the cock right along side of the woman present? Doesn't matter if Gloryhole Secrets or whoever produced the material the method and take are always the same - gay/homo.

    1. dude

      is this a sort of meme or are you always the same creepy maniac autistic guy complaning about it on almost every possible upload on every possible site related to gloryhole?

      1. MikeyP

        He’s the same guy using different names and even pretends to be a female.

        He’s a gloryhole troll who only makes comments about gloryhole camera guys like no other types of porn have guys working the camera.

        Besides him being a creeper, I think the gloryhole secrets videos are starting to look a little bit better as far as quality goes but the use of porn stars and the new booth configuration is killing it for me.

    2. MikeyP

      Enlighten us with your many years of video production. How would you produce a gloryhole video in a hetro way? I can’t wait to hear this one!

  2. J

    So would you rather stare at a guy making faces while his cock is in a hole in the wall?

    Also - post the new gloryhole swallow vids, please!

  3. Connor

    You know, I really want to like these movies, but the whole genre is really catering to fags at the moment. Really just makes me want to get down on my knees and blow a bunch of dudes. Sadly, it's characteristic of the genre to inflame my not-particularly-latent homosexuality.

    1. Mike

      MikeyP, you aren't fooling anybody. If this was filmed for hetro entertainment the cameraman wouldn't be in the booth or nowhere to be found. Fixed cameras only and no 'playing to the cameras'. The woman present would only interact with her client, no one else except for a possible post exit interview and then it would be conducted by another woman. We, the viewers are voyeurs and NOT participants. The current GH genre is a huge fraud in regard to hetrosexual entertainment.


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