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14 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow Danika 1st Visit

  1. Al

    Something too creepy about putting my dick through a hole into a room with a gal sporting way too many tats and a queer holding a camera up to her face while he breathes on my dick - have no desire for this.

      1. Mario

        Damn straight! My kinda porn here! I'd much rather have Dave suck my man cock than any of these thots. The very idea of Dave getting up close and breathing on my man cock makes me bust three nuts. Dave you DA MAN!!! Anyone who doesn't like this GET THE FUCK OUT NOW! Keep the good work Dave. A REAL MAN making REAL PORN for REAL MEN!

  2. John Anderson

    Quite possibly one of the best ghs vids to date but can you upload this week's update Salma's 1st visit

  3. sarah

    we want him to record it close up so why are u complaining? putting a camera there wouldnt be the same, hes changing angles when it needs to.

  4. Chockos

    Beautiful with a great body that she destroyed with those hideous tattoos . Also she doesn't quite like sperm and it's obvious .

    1. Mr. Big Shot

      Thanks for the report. I'm not a member of the site (yet) so I haven't seen the vid. It is a major bummer when the girl isn't into swallowing. The girls that are into it are THE best. It's always nice to see a girl that struggles but manages to get it all down... and then smiles with pride.


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