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10 thoughts on “Gloryhole Secrets Angel Smalls 1st Visit

  1. Gloryhole

    Thanx for the upload guys, the people that uploading the videos thank you. But is it maby also possible to upload the videos from gloryholeswallow ???, the latest videos.

    Thank you

  2. Max

    I regret to inform you that gloryholeswallow went bankrupt because all people pirated and nobody bought access.

    1. Mario

      Glad to hear it although I know it isn't true. None of the current GH genre is worth paying for IMO. If decent material was produced I would pay for a subscription as that's how new material gets produced. Some horrible stuff being produced at present.

      1. JP

        I paid for GHSwallow for one month sometime last year. I believe only one video I liked was released during the time. Personally, I don't like all the fucking some girls do. One guy is fine, but some girls go all out. And my not a fan of the theater room either. I want what the site title suggests. Blowjobs thru a gloryhole with the girls swallowing. Thats what attracted me to the site. Thats why recently ive been more of a fan of Porta gloryhole. Its pretty much no nonsense.

        Also, what makes me hesitant of paying for swallow again, is none of the girls I like, seem to get return visits. Even though Im sure they get at least 4 stars. But hey, I'm not a paying member so Im just talking shit.

        1. Rich

          I stopped paying for porn many years ago when I finally realized it was depicting nothing more than guys jerking off to erect penises ejaculating semen (gay) despite being labeled 'Hetro'.

          GH fucking is fine with me as long as it's bareback - the really bad camera handling kills most scenes. Anonymous sex is the raw 'turn on' - playing to the camera isn't. The women you speak of probably don't want anything else to do with this currently creepy shit. Too painful to watch at present.


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