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11 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow Megan & Roxy 2nd Visit

  1. 2017 bitches!

    Damn shame that the ends 2016 on such a weak note. Rest of his content for the past few weeks have been great.

    She has an amazing body yet no doggystyle. Blowjob skills aren't very stimulating to watch. Atleast she swallows.

  2. Ed

    'Dave' will eventually kill himself, along with the rest of the 'producers'(?) of this completely wasted genre. These clowns think this is about them instead of the women doing all of the work (and their happy clients!).

    1. JB

      Sounds like you should be the one to end it, Ed. Go comment on the Gloryhole Secrets videos. Or do you work for them?

      1. Clyde

        GHSecrets doesn't deserve commentary IMO as its completely horrible, worse than even this trash. Retard with a camera stumbling around without one intelligent thing to say - sounds familiar....


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