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5 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow Priscilla 1st Visit swallow edit

    1. Bill

      Not saying much unfortunately. Love Priscilla's attitude but they don't make up for the creepy, talkative cameraman present and the incredibly bad camera angles.

      1. Rob

        diff strokes for diff folks i guess. i agree with mike, this 1 is the best. other than catherine, i don't recall any other girl sucking ALL the cum out and swallowing it as well as priscilla, with exception to the 3rd guy. i absolute love how she literally milks EVERY dick and sucks all the cum out and eats it. she convinces the viewers that she actually enjoys it. that my friends is hot. to top it off, she continues to suck it even after swallowing every drop, and her sucking skills are awesome. i can't say enough about this girl.


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